Monster Massacre Vol.1

On Sale: 10 September 2013

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Gasp at the behemoth unleashed from an ocean sarcophagus! Swoon to the testosterone-fuelled powerhouse, Sharky! Thrill to blistering battles, creatures from beyond Time and Space, and hot Nordic goddesses punching stuff in the face!

The greatest talents from around the world come together to show you how much fun creating comics can be!

Monster Massacre is an exciting new graphic anthology series for fans of science fiction, fantasy, big monsters and all-out adventure! It's also an introduction to a Who’s Who of comics talent: past, present and future!

From all around the world, the greatest comic talents are given full and free rein to explore the universe, in all its monstrous beauty, horror and excitement!

No matter your tastes in science fiction and fantasy, you'll find something here to love.


Monster Massacre is an outrageous collection of breathtaking monster stories by some of the finest creators to work in comics. This hysterical book will chew you up and spit you out!

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