Frank Lee, After Alcatraz

On Sale: 12 Jul 2022

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Frank Lee was one of the most extraordinary criminals of all time, brought to life here in a thrilling fictionalized autobiography.

On Sale:
12 Jul 2022
Ludovic Chesnot
Graphic Novel
After Alcatraz

A noted bank robber, Frank Lee Morris also had an above average IQ and was known to be an escape artist, a talent that was mentioned in his admissions file at the federal penitentiary on Alcatraz Island. His most incredible feat is having escaped from the highest-security prison in the United States on June 11th, 1962. Lee and his two accomplices were presumed to have drowned in the San Francisco Bay, but their bodies were never found. Lee's FBI case file remains open to this day.

What if he made it across the bay? The authors imagine his life after his flight from the inescapable prison.


Frank Lee: After Alcatraz is an entertaining read, a fictional tale based on real events that tells a very human story with a lot of heart. I found a lot in this book to enjoy, and was genuinely disappointed when it was done as I’d have loved to have spent longer with these people and their lives

— Amy Walker Set The Tape

The best part about Chesnot’s art is the details of Alcatraz and the Bay Area of the era. It’s lovingly rendered. His work on the final act really feels like you are in the cinema with Clint and Frank Lee [...] I would recommend this. A strong story that detours from history, yet feels honest. Honest to Frank Lee; honest to the history of Alcatraz.

— Alex Vaello Forces of Geek

© Frank Lee L’après Alcatraz Copyright Ankama Editions 2021, by David Hasteda, Ludovic Chesnot. All rights reserved.

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