The Matrix Comics: 20th Anniversary Edition: Pod Cover

On Sale: 6 Mar 2020

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These stories began releasing in the lead up to the release of the original film, back in 1999, entirely online. Right from the beginning, they featured the work of comic book luminaries, including Neil Gaiman, Geof Darrow, Dave Gibbons, Bill Sienkiewicz, and many more.

This volume is the first hardcover, and the first to include all the stories under one cover. Dive into a side of the Matrix like you've never seen before, and experience the rich and detailed world through the eyes of blue pills, agents and resistance operatives alike!

On Sale:
6 Mar 2020
Graphic Novel
The Matrix
Movies and TV
Science Fiction

From the Introduction by Spencer Lamm:

“This book was never supposed to exist. When we started commissioning these stories set in the world of The Matrix, they were released online, with no intention of printing them. Like the spoon, there was no book, and we leaned into that notion, keeping the comics digital, as if of the Matrix itself. We received a steady stream of emails asking us to print. Four years after our original online launch, we finally relented, releasing two paperback collections, 12 stories in each. Still, we never printed all the stories, or a hardcover, let alone a deluxe edition. So here it is, twenty years on, and for the first time.”

Published by Burlyman Entertainment, Inc. Copyright © 2019 Burlyman Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Matrix and all related characters and elements are trademarks of Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.

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