Underground: Cursed Rockers and High Priestesses of Sound

On Sale: 16 Jan 2024

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They don’t do it for the fame, they do it for the music — these rock legends and priestesses of sound are the outsiders, the trailblazers, artists who changed the face of music forever simply for the love of it. From Captain Beefheart to Patti Smith, this odyssey through the rock hinterlands is perfect for fans of outsider artists, rock history aficionados, and those modern vinyl lovers who want to discover the saga that got music to where it is today. Featuring an all-new foreword from writer and musician Michael Moorcock, this is the essential guide to the weird and wonderful performers that became legends in their own right.

On Sale:
16 Jan 2024
Nicolas Moog
Graphic Novel

Although not widely known, each of these artists has changed the history of music. So, to celebrate the incredible contributions of these unsung heroes, Arnaud Le Gouëfflec and Nicolas Moog have brought their stories to vivid life.   Discover the sensitive and manic-depressive genius Daniel Johnston; the Peruvian queen of exotica, Yma Sumac; the improbable blind and homeless Moondog; the classy bargain hunters of The Cramps; the legendary Patti Smith; and many, many more.   A veritable illustrated bible of the underground music scene, this anthology of 50 biographies invites you to discover little-known maestros and creators of underheard masterpieces. This is a book for the simply curious, as well as the connoisseur!

Underground © Editions Glenat 2021 by Gouëfflec & Moog – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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