Phoo Action Deluxe Edition

On Sale: 29 Oct 2024

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Celebrate 25 years of the Phoo Action universe created by the creative polymath Jamie Hewlett and long-time collaborator Mat Wakeham, with this definitive Silver Jubilee compilation of comics, scripts, and an assortment of behind-the-scenes material of the franchise.

For fans of the cult-classic Tank Girl, The Face magazine, the BRIT and Grammy-winning virtual band Gorillaz, and Phoo Action the collector’s crown jewel of subversive, satirical and surreal crime-fighting.

On Sale:
29 Oct 2024
Graphic Novel
Phoo Action
Science Fiction

Jamie Hewlett and Mat Wakeham’s iconic comic strips and creations take center stage in the Deluxe Edition of Phoo Action: Silver Jubilee. The superstar, supercop duo of Whitey Action and Terry Phoo once again battle side-by-side, as the edition celebrates the 25th anniversary of the creation of the Phoo Action universe.

However, these celebrations are cut short, on Whitey’s 18th birthday, and the protagonists are forced to combat their notorious foes ‘The Freebies’, who are among the ridiculous mutants that have returned to the filthy streets of Soho and are once again wreaking havoc. There are original, brilliant, and bizarre comics and all-new, gripping prose storylines, featuring unseen characters and nostalgic reappearances taking their places for an epic battle, ensuring that new and dedicated Phoo Action fans are going to be enthralled.

The Deluxe Edition is a must-have for collectors, with extra features including exclusive art prints, original scripts on specially printed paper stock, exciting gatefolds, and a sleek slipcase to present Hewlett’s signature graphic style and Mat Wakeham’s design and narrative mastery in all its intended glory.

The longtime collaborators deliver a unique blend of irreverent humor, unconventional crime-fighting, and mutant mayhem. Readers gain an insight into the creative minds behind not only Phoo Action but also the cult-classic Tank Girl and ground-breaking Gorillaz projects. Learn about the elusive Hewlett, gain insight into his working process, and appreciate the art that predates and foreshadows the renowned drawing style that now spearheads Gorillaz’s stardom.

Whether you’re a Phoo Action enthusiast, Gorillaz fanatic, ‘The Face’ admirer, or a collector seeking an extraordinary addition to your shelf, Phoo Action: Deluxe Edition promises an action-packed adventure and immersive experience.

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