Battletoads - The Lost Adventure

On Sale: 24 Sep 2024

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The graphic novel prequel to the 2020 Battletoads game fills in the blanks of the last thirty years, in a retro beat-em-up adventure for the ages!

On Sale:
24 Sep 2024
Andres Genolet
Graphic Novel
Science Fiction
Video games

Dive into the badass world of Battletoads with The Lost Adventure, as the toads travel the universe in search of the Dark Queen to finally end her tyrannical reign. Pimple, Rash, and Zitz face a horde of powerful opponents, while also attempting to thwart the Dark Queen’s sinister plans.

The toadular trio participate in The Grand Fistival, a battle royale which gathered the strongest fighters in the universe. But a secret plot looms in the sewers of the celebration. Will the Toads prevail, or will their bond be tested by an out-of-this-world brawl?

Written by the illustrious Simon Furman, acclaimed for his work on Marvel’s Transformers, as he extends the Battletoads’ saga for their fiercest battle yet. Collaborating with Furman, Andres Genolet, known for Marvel’s Star Wars and The Sensational She-Hulk, lends dynamic visuals. The fantastic illustrations are enhanced by comics colorist Jordi Escuin Llorach, utilizing vibrant hues to provide a visually stunning experience across chaotic brawls.

Uncover the rich stinkin’ history of Battletoads, a videogame franchise by Rare, which has seen the Toady trio battle valiantly against intergalactic evil. Whether you are a longtime Battletoads follower or newcomer to the series, The Lost Adventure marks one of the franchise’s greatest spectacles.

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