The Savage Sword of Conan: The Original Comics Omnibus Vol.10 Vol.10

On Sale: 12 Nov 2024

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The greatest hero in sword-and-sorcery history. This is the legend of Conan!

On Sale:
12 Nov 2024
Gary Kwapisz
Graphic Novel
Conan the Barbarian

Collecting 13 issues of the classic Conan magazine, Savage Sword of Conan and featuring 18 Conan stories from 1987 written by the likes of Chuck Dixon, Larry Yakata and Don Kraar, and drawn by Gary Kwapisz, Andy ubert and Val Mayerik. The omnibus also includes the graphic novel, Conan The Reaver written by Don Kraar and drawn by the legendary John Severin.

Stories include: Cursers of the Light (Conan accepts what at first appears to be a simple bodyguard assignment to protect an Aquilonian lady. But when they stop at a crumbling castle for the night, Conan and the lady become trapped in bloody intrigue.) Blind Vengeance (Fleeing the scene of calamitous defeat on the battlefield, Conan and his fellows discover a village of farmers who’ve been blinded by a cruel warlord. Conan and his fellow warriors train the villagers for the warlord’s return.) The Waiting Doom (Red Sonja is back! Onan and Sonja are searching for an alien idol – but the idol brings death to whomever possesses it! And before they can even reach the idol, they’re going to have to get past a horde of killers and the inhuman monster that guards the idol! Also included are: Winter of the Wolf, Three Lives for N’Garthl, Fool’s Night, Seventh Isle of Doom, The Tolltaker, The Lost Legion, The Brawl, Lair of the Lizard God, The Mine, Garden of Blood, The Caravan, Girl of the Haunted Wood, Nightmare, The Crimson Citadel, Feast of the Stag, Gift of the Pirate King.

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