The Absence

On Sale: 4 Mar 2014

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Strange occurrences, hidden pasts, and deeply-buried truths: The Absence will keep you gripped to the shocking finish!

On Sale:
4 Mar 2014
Martin Stiff
Graphic Novel
The Absence

As a coastal village in southern England struggles to recover from the losses of war, it is rocked by the return of a man long hoped dead: the disfigured Marwood Clay.

In a place where everybody hides a guilty past, and unspeakable past crimes lurk just beneath the surface... what terrible secrets has this exile brought back with him? And what happened during his absence?

While Marwood struggles to rebuild his life, newcomer Dr. Robert Temple builds a strange house for himself, on the hill overlooking the town. Clay is consumed by a nightmarish past he cannot remember, Temple by visions of a future he cannot prevent.

And then a young boy vanishes on Christmas Day…


Dark, creepy, and utterly satisfying.

Ain't It Cool News

An unusual period mystery – subtle, dark and fascinating!

Total Sci Fi Online

Compelling and atmospheric, and a joy to see something so elaborate and ambitious.

Comics Bulletin

A gripping and dynamic plot backed up with strong art and exceptional visual design and storytelling. Don't neglect this brilliant comic.

Comic Book Round-Up

I have found my next thing to adore. I implore you, seek this comic out, it’s one of the most enjoyable things I’ve read all year.

Forbidden Planet International

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