The First Kingdom Vol. 1: The Birth of Tundran

On Sale: 24 Sep 2013

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An unforgettable epic, the work of a lifetime, is finally collected in an ultimate, six-part library!

On Sale:
24 Sep 2013
Jack Katz
Graphic Novel
The First Kingdom
Science Fiction

"Our choice: the caves or the stars..." - Jack Katz

Visionary. Maverick. Rebel. Master storyteller. Iconoclast. Genius.

Jack Katz has been called all of these things since he began his illustrated magnum opus in 1974, creating a tale that follows in the vein of a futuristic, post-civilization The Odyssey or The Iliad!

Now, exclusively from Titan Comics, comes this long-lost treasure from the golden age of comics creation - as it's never been seen before. Remastered and packed with exclusive features, this sumptuous volume collects the first part of a tale for which the term 'epic' was invented!


Reading The First Kingdom is like seeing captured on paper glimpses of a dream-world depicted by an artist with remarkable creative vision.

Jerry Siegel, Creator of Superman

One of the most awesome undertakings in modern comic book history.

Will Eisner, Creator of The Spirit

Deserves to be called epic!

Den of Geek

This is not a book, it’s an experience. This book is black and white, but it doesn’t need the parlor trick of color to capture the imagination. It does it just fine and never lets go.

Ain't It Cool News

Katz works like an atomic reactor overloading to a dangerous intensity... A Masterpiece

Jim Steranko

© 2013, Jack Katz. All rights reserved.

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