The First Kingdom Vol. 3: Vengeance

On Sale: 25 Mar 2014

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The third in a series of six post-apocalyptic graphic novels created by industry legend and unsurpassed artistic visionary Jack Katz!

On Sale:
25 Mar 2014
Jack Katz
Graphic Novel
The First Kingdom
Science Fiction

The third volume in the epic, six-volume saga created by one of the most unique visionaries in the history of the graphic novel!

Feuding, immortal cyborg gods; post apocalyptic worlds of bizarre and horrific mutations; hidden histories and secret kings; a story millennia in the telling... all that barely brushes the surface of this stunning series!

• Newly restored art and lettering!

• Exclusive all-new interviews and special features!


You simply can’t believe how dense this book is until you read it: backgrounds that can be viewed for hours and still not see all the details, and prose that must be carefully considered. It's black and white, but it doesn't need the parlor trick of color to capture the imagination. It does it just fine and never lets go.

Ain't It Cool News

Like seeing captured on paper glimpses of a dream-world, depicted by an artist with remarkable creative vision.

Jerry Siegel, Creator of Superman

One of the most awesome undertakings in modern comic book history.

Will Eisner

© 2014, Jack Katz. All rights reserved.

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