Lost Planet: First Colony

On Sale: 31 Dec 2013

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Dive into a terrifying adventure of ice and Akrid, as a mission of interstellar salvage turns into a furious battle for survival!

On Sale:
31 Dec 2013
Massimo Dall'oglio
Graphic Novel
Lost Planet
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Science Fiction
Video games

The planet of E.D.N. III seemed ripe for colonization – its icy climes ready to be warmed and terraformed. That was, until the first settlers discovered the indigenous Akrid – ravenous creatures, powered by their own thermal energy, who proved resistant to every weapon the colonists could muster.

That first terraforming effort ended in tragedy, with the colony – and its rich haul of terraforming equipment – hastily abandoned.

Now, looking for an easy mark, the ragtag crew of the pirate vessel Crusader have set course for E.D.N. III, looking to pillage these tempting resources, before NeoVenus Construction (NEVEC) can swoop in and reclaim their investment!

But E.D.N. III takes coldly to strangers, and the Akrid are ready to welcome them into their fearsome embrace...

Fans of the LOST PLANET® series, and star-spanning science fiction, shouldn’t miss out on this vibrantly-illustrated, self-contained epic. Who will live? Who will die? And what dark secrets of E.D.N. III will be revealed in the process?

The LOST PLANET® 3 videogame from Capcom is out now in North America, the UK and Europe, for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

© CAPCOM. Licensed for use by Glénat. Translated edition © 2013, Titan Comics.

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