Star Wars Insider #213

On Sale: 13 Sep 2022

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On Sale:
13 Sep 2022
Star Wars Insider

In this month’s Star Wars Insider, we look back at Boba Fett’s recent revival on Disney+ to get a sense of how the character grew over the course of his very own series, and we also learn how another associate of Jabba the Hutt – Salacious B. Crumb – was developed from an overnight concept sketch into a cackling court jester.

Interviews include prequel concept artist Warren Fu on designing General Grievous, and Garrick Hagon, who played Luke Skywalker’s childhood pal and doomed rebel pilot Biggs Darklighter in A New Hope (1977).

And to top it all, we debut brand new fiction from author George Mann, as The High Republic Phase II begins. That’s what we call a bounty!

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