Disney's Dumbo: The Official Movie Special

On Sale: 2 Apr 2019

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On Sale:
2 Apr 2019
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With Dumbo, visionary director Tim Burton brings a beloved Disney animated classic to the world of live-action, telling the touching story of a uniquely talented baby elephant who changes the lives of a small circus family and makes the world gasp in awe.

Includes interviews with:

  • Colin Farrell,
  • Michael Keaton,
  • Danny DeVito,
  • Eva Green,
  • Finley Hobbins,
  • Nico Parker,
  • and more!
  • Also, interviews with Tim Burton and the behind-the-scenes crews, including the costume and special effects departments, plus stunning photography and concept art from this magical family adventure.

    You will truly believe an elephant can fly…

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