Simpsons Comics #58

On Sale: 26 Jan 2023

[The cover image for Simpsons Comics #58]
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On Sale:
26 Jan 2023
Simpsons Comic

In the Simpsons Comics there are two groups of people: those who write the gags and the brave people who say them. These are their stories. Simpsons: Crimes and Mis-D’oh-meanours! Dun-Dun! We’ve got four criminally good takes for you this month: first a Sideshow Bob double bill, both of which see Bart allying with his old enemy! Then there’ll be anarchy as Grandpa gives the town a piece of his mind, before we travel back in time for a ride-along with an Old West lawman! Holster your guns and make sure you’ve got the donuts, it’s time for cops and robbers!

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