Simpsons Comics #59

On Sale: 24 Feb 2023

[The cover image for Simpsons Comics #59]
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On Sale:
24 Feb 2023
Simpsons Comic

It’s all about the money! You know – moolah, dosh, bread, dough, benjamins, cheddar, coins… where was I going with this… oh right, MONEY! In exchange for your hard-earned cash we’ve got a quality quartet of Simpsons stories – Homer will have a run in with debt collectors (always remember to save for a rainy day!) and Bart will build a business empire! Then we’ll have a quick look at the criminal coffers with Snake and Apu, and to finish off we’ve got a tale of behemoth bequeathal as Homer inherits a billionaire’s fortune! Empty your piggy banks and check under the couch for change, it’s time to make your millions!

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