Star Trek Explorer #7

On Sale: 2 May 2023

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On Sale:
2 May 2023
Star Trek Magazine

In Star Trek Explorer #7 we continue our coverage of Star Trek: Picard with an all-new and exclusive interview with actor and director Jonathan Frakes, and designer Bill Krause takes us behind-the-scenes as he talks about his unique contribution to the show.

There’s a tease of the new Star Trek: Resurgence game, and interviews with two writers of Star Trek fiction, novelist John Jackson Miller, and comics writer Christopher Cantwell. Larry Nemecek puts TOS doctors and canon continuity under scrutiny, and Treknology explores how Star Trek’s Treknology is being reimagined and realized today.

The creators and some of its main cast – including Kate Mulgrew – look back at the first season of Star Trek: Prodigy; read the second half of our interview with the ever-busy Nana Visitory; and check out our definitive guide to Star Trek crossovers!

Plus, all-new and exclusive short fiction from writers John Peel and Greg Cox!

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