Star Trek Explorer #8

On Sale: 12 Sep 2023

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On Sale:
12 Sep 2023
Star Trek Magazine

Star Trek Explorer #8 is here, ensuring Star Trek Day celebrations carry on long after September 8!

In the unmissable 100-page issue you’ll find… Ed Speleers, who played Jack Crusher in Star Trek: Picard on whether he’ll be returning to Star Trek; Celia Rose Gooding reflets on playing Nyota Uhura in the first and second seasons of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds; and there’s the second half of our 2-part interview with Jonathan Frakes.

Behind-the-scenes we meet composer Nami Melumad to learn about creating the music for Star Trek: Prodigy and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds; and Star Trek: Picard Production Designer Dave Blass tells us about developing the vision for the Federation’s 25th century aesthetic.

There are TWO all-new and exclusive short stories in this issue – Tuvok comes to the rescue in Keith R.A. DeCandido’s “The Kellidian Kidnapping”, and in David Mack’s “Lost and Founder” we find Odo in a reflective mood.

PLUS… your definitive guide to Star Trek engineers; how comics have expanded Star Trek; Larry Nemecek; and Inside Trek recalls memorable alien encounters!

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