Star Trek Explorer #11

On Sale: 9 Apr 2024

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On Sale:
9 Apr 2024
Star Trek Magazine

It’s a busy time here at Star Trek Explorer! When news broke that the final season of Star Trek: Discovery was set to air on Paramount+ in April, we made some rapid changes to our planned content, to make way for an exclusive interview with Sonequq Martin-Green! She teases things to come as the series draws to a close, and offers some candid comments on what she hopes the legacy of the show will be.

Elsewhere, we have an exclusive interview with The Hageman Brothers – creators of Star Trek: Prodigy! There’s a Star Trek: Picard short story, “Confirmation Bias” by Michael Dismuke, centering on a difficult encounter between Captain Shaw and Seven of Nine aboard the U.S.S. Titan-A. And in David Mack’s short story, “Dignified Transfer,” it’s a sad mission for Captain Picard.

All this, and so much more, in Explorer #11!

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