Simpsons Comics #74

On Sale: 30 May 2024

[The cover image for Simpsons Comics #74]
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On Sale:
30 May 2024
Simpsons Comic

Hey hey hey kids! Krusty the Clown is back in town, this time with a wacky issue of funhouse craziness specifically dedicated to a Springfield legend, ME! Our first story features people close to my heart: my family. When Lisa meets her aunts… wait, HER aunts? I thought this issue was about me. Well, am I in the second one? I’m not. How is this my issue if I’m not in any of them? I’m in the third one? Great, the big star gets one story kids, this is why you never pay your agent before getting the gig. Dammit Mel, someone get Matt on the phone. I’m too old for this…

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