Star Trek Magazine #75

On Sale: 24 Mar 2020

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On Sale:
24 Mar 2020
Star Trek Magazine

Star Trek Magazine #75 explores one of the key narratives of Star Trek: Picard – artificial intelligence and synthetic life. We look back at how previous iterations of Trek have dealt with AI, androids, and their implications, and talk to Star Trek: Discovery’s Hannah Cheesman, whose portrayal of the part-machine Airiam provided one of the more emotional moments of Season 2.

Star Trek Magazine #75 is also packed with an incredible selection of Star Trek: Picard interviews, including

  • Isa Briones (Soji)
  • Michelle Hurd (Raffi)
  • Alison Pill (Dr. Jurati)
  • Santiago Cabrera (Rios)
  • Jonathan Frakes (Riker)
  • All this and so much more, in Star Trek Magazine #75!