Star Trek Magazine #77

On Sale: 3 Nov 2020

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On Sale:
3 Nov 2020
Star Trek Magazine

As Season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery gets underway, Star Trek Magazine continues to bring you all the latest news, interviews and features from EVERY quadrant!

  • Meet the Discovery bridge crew as we interview Emily Coutts (Detmer); Oyin Oladejo (Owosekun); Sara Mitich (Airiam/Nilsson); Ronnie Rowe Jr. (R. A. Bryce); and Patrick Kwon-Choon (Rhys).
  • As season 1 of Star Trek: Lower Decks comes to an end Noel Wells (Tendi) and Eugene Cordero (Rutherford) discuss their characters, creator Mike McMahon shares his hopes for Season 2.
  • We explore the feasibility of Trek’s starships in Treknology.
  • We reveal Star Trek’s greatest helmsman.
  • And much, much more!

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