Star Trek Magazine #79

On Sale: 9 Feb 2021

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On Sale:
9 Feb 2021
Star Trek Magazine

This issue is all about the process of making Star Trek. We have interviews with Star Trek: Discovery’s showrunner, Michelle Paradise; Discovery and Star Trek: Picard’s composer, Jeff Russo; and Picard’s make-up and prosthetics maestros James MacKinnon and Vincent Van Dyke. We have a new feature, Stellar Cartography, which this issue delves into the behind-the-scenes – and in-universe – origins of everything from Jefferies tubes to the spore drive. We bring you the untold story of the orbital skydiving scene that was cut from Star Trek Generations. And we take a peek behind the front doors of a host of Star Trek stars to find out what memorabilia they have in their homes.

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