Star Wars Insider #205

On Sale: 21 Sep 2021

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On Sale:
21 Sep 2021
Star Wars Insider

In Star Wars Insider #205 we’re celebrating launch of Star Wars: Visions with an exploration of the early days of the saga, and how Japanese cinema and culture played a key role in developing the look and feel of the galaxy far, far away. Actor and lifelong Star Wars fan Paul Sun-Hyung Lee describes how landing a role in The Mandalorian was a dream come true, while the Star Wars visual effects and art department veteran, Nilo Rodis-Jamero reveals how we designed a galaxy of costumes.

From street urchin to rebel hero, we explore five pivotal periods in the life of Han Solo; and look at the secrets of the saga that, had they been uncovered sooner, might have changed the course of galactic history!

PLUS, an all-new and exclusive Star Wars: The High Republic story starts this issue, part one of “Past Mistakes” by Cavan Scott!

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