Star Wars Insider #209

On Sale: 15 Mar 2022

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On Sale:
15 Mar 2022
Star Wars Insider

This issue of Star Wars Insider is all about the criminal underworld of the galaxy far, far away, from the lawmakers and lawbreakers of the saga to the insidious evil of Kessel spice.

Jabba himself weighs large in these pages (and that’s not a slight on his size – there’ll be no body-shaming here, even of ultra-violent gangsters!), and Insider was lucky enough to speak to the trio of puppeteers who brought the sinister slug to life in Return of the Jedi (1983). There’s an exclusive interview with Emily Swallow, The Mandalorian’s Armorer, and there’s all-new and exclusive short fiction starring bounty hunters Zam Wesell and Jango Fett. It would be a crime not to start reading right away!

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