Blade Runner 2019 Volume 1

“10 out of 10. A must-read title.” – Bleeding Cool


If you’ve not discovered Titan Comics’ smash-hit Blade Runner 2019 series, take this opportunity to STAY IN and catch up ahead of the release of volume 2!

From the rain-soaked dystopian future of Los Angeles comes a new saga set in the world of Blade Runner. Written by Blade Runner 2049 writer Michael Green and New York Times-bestselling writer Mike Johnson (Star Trek, Transformers, Superman/Batman).

LAPD’s best Blade Runner and detective, Aahna ‘Ash’ Ashina, has been assigned to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Isobel and Cleo Selwyn, the wife and daughter of business tycoon, Alexander Selwyn – a close personal friend of Eldon Tyrell.

Ash’s search will take her on a journey deep into the crime-ridden underbelly of Los Angeles, as she uncovers a terrible secret and a desperate conspiracy that forces her own hatred for Replicants – the synthetic humans – that she hunts and kills with such vengeance.

Blade Runner 2019 hits the ground running in what looks to be a must-read new entry in the franchise.” – AIPT!

“A worthy new Blade Runner tale with a new, very interesting lead character.” – Newsarama


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Barnes & Noble exclusive edition with variant cover and 16 bonus pages, including an interview with the writers, a brief history of Blade Runner, and previously unpublished concept drawing!

Available in print and digitally.