Climb Aboard the Bebop!

In 2171, a crew of bounty hunters, known as Cowboys, travel the solar system in search of outlaws on their reliable ship, the Bebop. Spike has a past full of violence he can never escape. Jet was a cop who lost faith in the system. Faye is a renegade who trusts nobody. Together they hunt for bounty adventure, all the while searching for the one thing that connects them all - somewhere they belong.

When the hunt for their latest bounty, Melville, goes horribly wrong, the crew discovers he possesses something every Cowboy in the solar system will covet: a vest that grants the wearer unlimited luck.

If you’ve yet to discover Cowboy Bebop, based on the Netflix series - itself an adaptation of the critically-acclaimed anime - check out the trailer here:

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Issue 4 is on sale June 15.


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