Enki Bilal

Enki Bilal was born in the former Yugoslavia in 1951. His Belgrade childhood, during the reign of Tito, was instrumental in setting the tone and geopolitical themes he developed during his collaborations (with Pierre Christin in particular) and in his solo work. Start your discovery of Bilal with these books…



The year is 2025, and Herakles Nikopol has returned to Earth following a 30 year exile in cryostasis. The Paris he lands in, however, is not the one he left. In his absence, the Gods of Egypt have returned to reassert their dominance on the human race. One God in particular, the renegade Horus, has great plans he can only carry out with the help, unwilling though it may be, of Nikopol himself. Together they embark on a wild adventure that involves politics, intrigue, love… and a brutal, blood-soaked, hockey game.

“…An extraordinary comics literary achievement and a cracking good story.” – Publisher’s Weekly


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He created the androids. He is their father, he is their god, but also their executioner. He will be given a second chance, to repair all the damage he has done. Man and machine collide in this sci-fi epic that questions the very nature of the human soul. In this science fiction adventure, warrior robots known as ‘Exterminators’ are strewn across the galaxy in a host of deadly environments, fighting for their human masters. But when the creator of these mechanical killers finds his soul trapped in Exterminator 17, the balance of power begins to shift…

”Clever, cinematic and absorbing.” – Slings and Arrows


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Century’s End collects two of the most accomplished comics narratives to come out the creative collaboration between visionary artist Enki Bilal and celebrated writer Pierre Christin.

In The Black Order Brigade, a group of aging revolutionaries band together for one last stand against fascism as they speed around Europe, chasing down leads and picking off old adversaries, they realise they are heading for an explosive showdown!

A group of Communist leaders gather for some sport in a quiet forest in The Hunting Party. Soon the snowy ground is stained red with the blood of more than just animals, as the machinations of the political world weave through the trees toward an unsuspecting victim…

”An engaging, original story that should resonate with audiences interested in the evolving process of history and how it is shaped.” – ICV2


Available from Forbidden Planet, Amazon, and digitally