An epic new graphic novel from New York Times bestselling author V. E. Schwab.

When high school student Charlotte Tills is revived from a fatal bus crash, she awakens with ExtraOrdinary powers. Incredibly rare and potentially dangerous to themselves and others, few people know about the existence of ExtraOrdinaries, and an organization called EON is determined to keep it that way, hunting and killing all they can find.

Reborn and renewed with the ExtraOrdinary ability to see how people will die in the future, Charlotte is forced to go on the run when she witnesses her own death at the hands of EON’s top assassin, Eli Cardale. Now, to save her own life and protect her family, Charlotte must go on the offensive and hunt Eli down before he can find her.

“A welcome addition to the Vicious universe, and Schwab continues to impress with the amount of depth she gives to her characters.” – Library Journal

“There is no shortage of gruesome ways that heroes and villains have gained superpowers throughout the history of DC and Marvel, but Titan Comics have just revealed a new way that’s pretty darn twisted in V. E. Schwab’s ExtraOrdinary.” – Times New Express

“Thrilling story anchored by stunning artwork.” – 4 Your Excitement


Available from Forbidden Planet, Amazon, and digitally.