Free Comic Book Day 2023

Saturday, May 6 is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!

What is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY? Well… “Every year, on the first Saturday in May, the industry comes together to give away free comics and encourage both curious, first-time comic book readers and seasoned comic book fans to flock to the best place in the comic book community: local comic shops.” (

Over 2,300 local shops participate in FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. Find out where your local store is HERE.

This year Titan Comics has two FREE COMIC BOOK DAY comics…



Created by the team behind the new ongoing series – Jim Zub, Roberto De La Torre and José Villarrubia!

On the eve of his first major battle, young Conan of Cimmeria pictures a life beyond the borders of his homeland and yearns for a life of adventure undreamt of in his small village. Visions of future allies and unspeakable evils he will eventually encounter throughout his fabled career fill his mind as he makes the choice to take his first fateful step into the Hyborian Age.

If you weren’t able to get to your local comic store on Saturday to pick up your Conan The Barbarian Free Comic Book Day comic, don’t worry! You can download a free PDF HERE (8.1mb)

Alternatively you can download for free on KINDLE.

Check out some of the great reviews in so far…

“10/10 …a masterpiece in the making, judging from this issue alone. A promising primer that is both honourably homaging the past greats who have worked on Conan in comics, while forging a new path too.” - COMICON

“10/10. The Conan comics franchise is in good hands based on this first outing. I’ll be looking forward to the first official issue come July and I doubt I’ll be alone in that.” - KABOOOOOM

“10/10. Every aspect of this book was on point! The Buscema-inpired artwork from De La Torre couldn’t be more perfect. Jim Zub’s writing would make REH proud.” - LEAGUE OF COMIC GEEKS

“This looks like something that just leaped out of Savage Sword. I was so floored when I saw this… this reads like a great Conan comic. The text in here could have been written by Roy Thomas or Robert E. Howard. It perfectly captures the character, especially the wanderlust.” - TODD LUCK

Find out about Heroic Signatures and Titan Comics’ new ongoing Conan the Barbarian series, launching in July, HERE.



Leading directly into an epic 4-part series launching later this year! After more than 21-years of setting world records – 300 million accounts and counting – Jagex and Titan Comics are bringing out a brand new comics series, the first to be set in the iconic medieval fantasy realm of Gielinor which is home to humans, elves, dwarves and dragonkin alike. Filled with daring adventure and mysterious magicks!

Find out where your local store is HERE.