FREE COMIC: Issue #1 of Tank Girl Action Alley!

All this month, we’re offering all our readers a completely free copy of Tank Girl Action Alley Issue 1 to download and keep!


“A great jumping on point for new readers. Fans, old and new, should grab a copy when it hits shelves” - Major Spoilers

Tank Girl and the Gang are gearing up for a road trip when Tank Girl gets some bad news. She has to go and visit her ailing mother (adoptive mother) before it’s too late! Meanwhile Booga has taken in a stray kangaroo - a proper one. It can’t talk or anything.

The journey to Tank Girl’s mom was never going to be straightforward and the Gang find themselves faced with the prospect of having to pass through ACTION ALLEY, where wild, insane creatures and dark, evil forces lurk …

“Vibrant and glorious”- Women Write About Comics

Simply head to Comixology and enter the code TANKGIRL1 to download your totally free copy. Buckle up as the all-new Tankmaster reaches Mach Poo in this brand new rip-roaring adventure from Martin and Parson!

And that’s not all…

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You can also catch up on Tank Girl’s other adventures, from creative team Alan Martin and Brett Parson:

The Wonderful World of Tank Girl

Four stand-alone stories starring Tank Girl and her supporting cast, including: ‘Tank Girl Strikes Again’, ‘The Man From Tank Girl’, ‘The Importance of Being Tank Girl’ and ‘Tank Girl Takes a Trip’.

Collects The Wonderful World of Tank Girl #1-4.

ISBN: 9781785862076

Order now from Amazon. UK & Europe can order from Forbidden Planet

Dirty Old Tank Girl

A double whammy of wonderfully wild and whacked out adventures from the cult favorite comic:

Carioca: Written by Tank Girl co-creator Alan Martin with artwork by the legendary Mick McMahon. After our heroine is rudely snubbed on a TV game show, she plots the death of the vulgar host in question unwittingly releasing the vengeance of his embittered wife and a gang of highly trained assassins as a result!

Skidmarks: Drawn by Rufus Dayglo. Tank Girl sets off on an illegal cross-continental race in a bid to win enough money for an incredibly expensive operation to bring her best friend Barney out of a skateboard-accident induced coma.

ISBN: 9781785869822

Order now from Amazon. UK & Europe can order from Forbidden Planet

The Legend of Tank Girl

A trilogy of graphic novels - “Two Girls One Tank”, “Tank Girl Gold”, and “World War Tank Girl” - comprising the longest continuous Tank Girl story arc to date, involving copious amounts of spilt blood, the resurrection of long-dead characters, a train-full of gold bullion, and gallons of fine tea. Printed in an over-sized format to better appreciate the beautiful full-colour artwork, packed with dozens of guest artist covers, unseen artwork, and character and vehicle sketches, this is the trilogy as you’ve never seen it before!

ISBN: 9781785864643

Order now from Amazon. UK & Europe can order from Forbidden Planet