Insider's May the Fourth Exclusives

May the Fourth Be With You!

Celebrate the annual Star Wars holiday with these must-have Star Wars Insider #210 collectible covers, featuring highly collectable Star Wars: The Mandalorian artwork!


Head to Frankie’s Comics to get your hands on these two must-have variants! A virgin Moff Gideon cover – the first time that the Star Wars: The Mandalorian character (as played by Ginacarlo Esposito) and the Darksaber have appeared on Insider’s cover; plus, a gorgeous foil cover featuring The Mandalorian artwork by comics superstar Peach Momoko!


Buy yours from Frankie’s Comics


Over at The Comic Mint you can order both this moody, atmospheric cover featuring the Mandalorian and Grogu walking into the sunset, and a foil cover featuring an iconic shot of the Mandalorian warrior.


Buy yours from The Comic Mint


And at Spectral Comics you will find this virgin Mandalorian and Grogu photo cover – a must for your collection!


Buy yours from Spectral Comics.

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