Make your own TARDIS

Make your own TARDIS


Sat at home, wondering what to do with all this free time?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to just step aboard the TARDIS and set off on an incredible adventure through time and space?

Unfortunately, not even the Doctor can contravene the ‘stay at home’ rules, however, if you can’t board the TARDIS, how about making your own with this free download?

All you need is a printer (ideally color, but you can color it in if not), scissors (get an adult to help, if you’re not one already!), and glue or sticky tape.

Click here to download!

We’d love to see your TARDIS, post a picture on the Titan Comics Facebook page, or post to twitter mentioning us @ComicsTitan

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The first collection of the Thirteenth Doctor’s comic book series sees the newest incarnation of the Doctor, along with her new companions - Graham, Yaz andRyan - trail-blazing through time and tracking vile villains, avoiding an intergalactic alien civil war, uncovering the truth behind a secret human time travel experiment, and doing battle with an alien hoarder!

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Also available digitally