Meet the Creator: Cullen Bunn

Cullen, tell us, what first attracted you to the Bloodborne world? Are you a fan of the original game?

Cullen Bunn: I was familiar with Bloodborne long before I actually played the game. I stumbled across it while doing research, and I was immediately fascinated by the look and feel of it. I remember calling a friend of mine, who was a big gamer, and asking him if he was familiar with it, and he went on and on about how amazing it was. Not just the game, but the world and the story. A while later, I actually played the game. And it took me forever just to get out of the first section of the city. But I loved it and was enthralled by the depth of it all.


How did you feel when you got the news you’d be working as the writer on this new series?

Cullen Bunn: This is one of those series that I just felt like I was the perfect person to write. I felt like I could do something a little different and unexpected. I’m thrilled to have the chance. It really is an honor to build this story for Bloodborne fans, to expand a world so many love.


How did you approach writing the story, in terms of building from the established narrative of the game?

Cullen Bunn: Bloodborne is, of course, a story of hunters, as much as illuminating different aspects of it. Players create unique hunters, equip them with wild equipment and weapons, and embark to face the Scourge. With this tale, I wanted to introduce several hunters, all working alone, for the most part, but coming together to face a greater threat. So, we have the opportunity to see the dangers of Yharnam from several different points of view. I wasn’t interested in deconstructing or changing the world and story of Bloodborne as much as illuminating different aspects of it.


What do you think makes Bloodborne a good fit for adapting into comic form?

Cullen Bunn: Visuall, the world of Bloodborne is stunning – from the setting to the monsters to the characters – and that’s a great place to start when it comes to a comic. Throw in the mystery, the horror, the tragic character moments, and the fast-paced action, and you’ve got a great recipe for adaptation.


What do you think fans of the game will love most about this new series?

Cullen Bunn: I think readers who have never played Bloodborne can really enjoy this comic, but fans who have played the game will find lots of nods to the time they’ve spent exploring the world. I’ve really tried to make this series feel like part of the adventure they might be playing through themselves, and they’ll be thrilled to see sights they know and love along the way.