Multi-Doctor Mania

What’s better than a Time Lord? How about two? Or four? Or thirteen? Today it’s all about multi-Doctor adventures!

It shouldn’t happen – time paradoxes anyone? – but when it does, you’re guaranteed a fantastic adventure, as the different incarnations of the Doctors work together (eventually) to defeat a common enemy and save the world!

So, if you want to get more Time Lord for your buck, check out these volumes…

Doctor Who: Tale of Two Time Lords

Brought together by fate (and a slightly paradox-sick TARDIS), the Thirteenth Doctor and the Tenth Doctor must work together to stop two deadly forces from taking over the Earth – all without causing time itself to implode! Featuring Ryan, Yaz, Graham, the return of Martha Jones, Weeping Angels, Autons, and so much more.

”I can’t say enough good things about this. It’s everything that Doctor Who does best.” – But Why Tho?


Available from Forbidden Planet, Amazon, and digitally.

Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension

When the universe is threatened, when the laws of Time, Space and Reality break down, different incarnations of the Doctor can meet. It should never happen. But this is one of those days! Witness an unprecedented crossover between thirteen Doctors, in an epic struggle for the future of the universe – guest-starring Jenny, the Doctor’s Daughter! The Doctor’s must battle an all-consuming white hole – an uncover the deadly secret of the void between universes!

”Every time a new Doctor appeared so did a smile on my face. This series should be a cracker.” – Nerdly


Volume 1 available from Amazon, and digitally.

Volume 2 available from Forbidden Planet, Amazon, and digitally.

Doctor Who: Four Doctors

The Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth incarnations of the Doctor come face to face in this stunning Doctor Who comics crossover event! Maneuvered into an impossible meeting, the Doctors and their companions must uncover an immensely powerful foe, fix the time stream, and right an ancient wrong – in the next chapter of their astounding ongoing comics adventures!

”You need to be reading Four Doctors now!” – Flickering Myth


Available from Amazon, and digitally.