Newbury & Hobbes

Isn’t it a wonderful thing when you start a new comic series and discover that, not only is it good, but your expectations are totally blown out of the water? Newbury and Hobbes is utterly addictive and the world created couldn’t be any more fulfilling and awesome. This is one you have to check out!


“A steampunk adventure that any fan of the genre should love. It has action and adventure and is filled with horrors you could never imagine … fantastically intricate and mysterious … 9/10” - Pastrami Nation

Writer George Mann (Dark Souls, Doctor Who, Warhammer 40,000) brings his hit steampunk mystery novels to comics in an all-new adventure for their 10th anniversary, alongside artist Dan Boultwood (It Came!, The Phoenix).

Welcome to the bizarre and dangerous world of Victorian London, a city teetering on the edge of revolution! Airships soar in the skies over the city, ground trains rumble through the streets and clockwork automatons serve the bustling public. But beneath this shiny veneer of progress lurks a sinister side. Queen Victoria is kept alive by a primitive life-support system while her agents Sir Maurice Newbury and his delectable assistant, Miss Veronica Hobbes, do battle with enemies of the crown, both physical and supernatural.

Plus, the collection includes a brand-new Newbury & Hobbes prose short, written by George Mann!


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