Ryuko Volume 1

“Ha! …You’re adorable… But, Sasori… We all have our roles to play. Destinies that were fixed at birth.”

Beat the boredom of this unprecedented Covid-19 isolation by reading something a little out of the ordinary…


Ryuko Volume 1 is the first part of a manga homage to film noir and Japanese gangster cinema, written and illustrated by famed Japanese artist Eldo Yoshimizu.

It’s the bloody and beautiful saga of a Yakuza princess, a hard-hitting, motorcycle-riding member of the Japanese mafia. When a criminal operation in the Middle-East turns explosive, Ryuko must return home to face Chinese gangsters, unknown terrorists, and her own personal demons…

A story bursting with complex morality, brutal action and criminal intrigue. If this doesn’t get your heart pumping then nothing will!

“The plot twists have plot twists and then explode… The action is excellent and fast-paced, every page worth reading” – Geek Native

“A whirlwind of pure action. It feels like a Paul Pope comic played at double-speed. Overlapping vignettes run the reader’s eye through splendid cinematography.” – Comics Authority



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