Ryuko Volume 2

Twice the blood, three times the action!

“Sure, I killed my father… that’s a sin I can’t outrun.”

Ryuko is back, but this time she’s taking no prisoners. She’s going to get to the bottom of the Golden Seal mystery and the disappearance of her mother if it kills her… and everyone around her. Stay at home and read the concluding part of Eldo Yoshimizu’s manga homage to film noir and Japanese gangster cinema.


Hard Case Crime Comics present the explosive climax to Ryuko! As a covert war rages in Japan’s underworld, Ryuko discovers the truth behind the disappearance of her mother – and the face of her true foe! The conclusion to the two-part criminal saga, packed with international intrigue, complex morality, and torturous action!

This wonderful manga oozes with the mysteries of the infamous Yakuza and creates an unbelievably real sensation, of both fear and excitement.

“Ryuko Vol. 2 does a phenomenal job of finishing out the series. Yoshimizu’s art style continues to be in a league of its own… the layered characters and the intricate, fast-paced story keeps you entertained with every twist and turn… 5/5” – But Why Tho

“Respected fine artist Yoshimizu propels an enormous cast through a complicated plot that twists and turns without ever losing momentum and presents action sequences – of which there are many – in brilliantly disorienting compositions that emphasize speed and a sense of unfolding carnage. Fun for fans of Manga, crime epics, espionage thrillers, action adventure, and bold choices in illustration and storytelling.” – Library Journal Starred Review


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